Recap of the Top Development Languages in Demand for 2013-2014

Happy New Year and welcome back after a short break from my blogs over the festive period. The best place to start for 2013 I thought would be a re-cap of my top development languages in demand for 2013-14, so here it is.

Below I have listed in summary my first top 7 skills (development languages) that I believe will be in demand for 2013-2014. Please note this does not include every skill out there but merely reflects my thoughts on what I believe will be in demand in terms of development languages.

This blog has two primary functions. Firstly to help contractors define what skills / markets to specialise in order to make sure they are always in contract and command the highest daily rates. Secondly, it provides companies with accurate day rates of what you should be paying these contractors and what skills you can find on the open market and what skills are very RARE.

Skill #1: C#


  • Developing C# applications is easy, straight forward & efficient
  • It’s the second most popular development language advertised for
  • Rates are up 25% from 2011

Skill #2: Java


  • Large established online community in Java
  • Java is secure, platform independent and scalable
  • Still the most advertised development language of all

Skill #3: Ruby, Scala, Groovy, Python


  • Ruby & Groovy syntax very simple and efficient
  • Rates for all the above is above 2011 rates

Skill #4: LAMP & PHP


  • PHP is used in WordPress, Joomla and Drupal
  • Large pool of candidates with these skills on the market
  • Rates are up from 2011

Skill #5: HTML5, CSS3 & OO Javascript


  • HTML 5 works across platforms including tablets & mobile devices
  • Jobs advertised are up significantly from 2011 for HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Rates, in particular for Javascript developers are up significantly from 2011

Skill #6: Mobile – iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows8


  • Mobile revenue set to grow by 500% by 2016
  • Major growth targets for Google & Facebook around mobile
  • NFC, mobile apps and demand for these skills up from 2011

Skill #7: Drupal & WordPress


  • WordPress and Drupal de facto products for blogs and many websites CMS.
  • Demand & rates for both up significantly from 2011

Hope you enjoyed the first 7 skills in demand, the future is bright if you have experience of any of the above. If you don’t get yourself trained up on any of the above skills and you will make sure your skills are always sought after.
Should you want any advice on what rates you can get, need to pay or what skills you should get in order to command the best day rates and get the best projects please call me on 020 7444 4083.

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